Intentional Mindset

Video description

Some people seem to be born with a mental makeup that predestines them for success. But anyone can master their mindset. Dave Anderson shows you how.

The author of fifteen books and host of the popular podcast The Game Changer Life, Dave's guidance has impacted readers and listeners in more than 145 countries. Now, he shares a unique blueprint for developing the mindset you need to succeed, presenting foundational strategies for intentionally developing and strengthening what he calls the ACCREDITED traits: attitude, competitiveness, character, rigor, effort, discipline, intelligence, tenacity, energy, and drive.

Throughout the book, listeners will follow the progress of three "case studies." The frustrations, progress, and victories of "Fred," "Frank," and "Frances" will replace the sterile or academic approach so common in personal development books with a more accessible, personal, and actionable experience. What's more, Anderson provides an optional seventy-day follow-up course to integrate the book's lessons into one's daily routine and accelerate results. All materials for this course, including a downloadable workbook and seventy supporting videos-one for each day-are provided at no cost at

Product information

  • Title: Intentional Mindset
  • Author(s): Dave Anderson, Dave Anderson
  • Release date: May 2021
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781663713919