Interactive Design for New Media and the Web

Book description

In an age where digital technology makes just about anything possible, Interactive Design for New Media and the Web demonstrates how to realize that promise through the creation of outstanding interactive programs. This hands-on, practical book examines the ever-expanding capabilities of all forms of digital presentation for increasing interactivity, and the design principles and interface guidelines needed to deliver the required message or story with this technology.

Interactive Design for New Media and the Web covers the technology as well as the tools and practices of interactive design, including the creation of site maps and flow charts, and the writing of design documents. It examines the latest interactive features of DVD, as well as the newest techniques and technologies for other forms of digital presentation. New design templates, 3D graphics and animation, polling and use of cookies, distance learning, html, and intranet learning games are among the topics covered in this book. Examples and case studies demonstrate the broad range of applications from websites to CD-ROM games to successful web commerce sites, including the capacity for user participation in e-commerce.

The companion Website shows numerous examples discussed in the text of all types of programs and their applications.

Product information

  • Title: Interactive Design for New Media and the Web
  • Author(s): Nick Iuppa
  • Release date: September 2001
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136134050