Appendix A. Answers to Exercises

This appendix contains the answers to the exercises presented throughout the book. Some exercises have additional resources in the Downloads section at

Answers for Chapter 1

We promised answers to the exercises, but there’s not much to do for the first section.

Exercise 1

To get a PAUSE account, which we explain in Chapter 21, we visit and follow the “Request PAUSE account” link. After filling in the information, our application goes to the PAUSE admins for human inspection. We don’t have to prove our worthiness; we just have to appear to be human (instead of being a company or a role) and not already have an account. Our application should be approved in a day or two, just in time for us to use it later when we need it.

Once our account is approved, we’ll have an address with our account name. Our next step is possibly to create a gravatar ( with that address. The CPAN search interfaces looks for a gravatar attached to our address when it wants to display an author picture. See, for instance,

Exercise 2

The website has additional material for this book and pictures of alpacas.

Answers for Chapter 2

Exercise 1

The trick in this exercise is to let the modules do all of the hard work. It’s a good thing we’ve shown you how to use modules! The Cwd module (“cwd” is an initialism ...

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