Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Routing Protocol

Video description

7+ Hours of Video Instruction

Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Routing Protocol LiveLesson provides networking engineers with a full and complete knowledge of the operation and deployment of IS-IS in a variety of network environments.

In this video training, networking expert Russ White provides you with a detailed introduction to the IS-IS routing protocol. IS-IS is a widely deployed protocol used to provide routing information for IPv4 and IPv6 networks as well as MPLS label switching and many advanced functions. This video provides you with everything you need to know to get up and running with IS-IS, from the underlying history to configuration and troubleshooting a wide variety of features.

About the Instructor

Russ White began his network engineering career installing terminal emulation cards and inverse multiplexers in the United States Air Force. While attending Capella University where he earned an MSIT in Network Architecture, he moved from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center to Global Escalation, into software engineering, to Sales as a Distinguished Architect, to Verisign Labs, and then to Ericsson as a Principal Engineer. Russ also holds a Master of Arts from Shepherds Theological Seminary and is currently a Ph.D. student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds CCIE #2637, CCDE 2007:001, and the CCAr. Russ lives in Oak Island, N.C. with his wife and two children.

Skill Level

  • All Levels

What You Will Learn

  • How IS-IS finds the shortest path
  • OSI address structure and packet formats
  • Database synchronization
  • Configuring IS-IS routing
  • Optimizing IS-IS operation
  • Connecting flooding domains
  • Deploying IS-IS metrics
  • Security vulnerabilities and solutions
  • Multitopology IS-IS
  • Fast convergence
  • Redistribution

Who Should Take This Course

Any networking engineer who configures, troubleshoots, or otherwise has to manage the IS-IS protocol will be interested in this video. This includes engineers in both the enterprise and service provider markets. In addition, because IS-IS is included in expert-level certifications like CCIE and CCDE, candidates pursuing those certifications will also be interested in this title.

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding knowledge of TCP/IP
  • General background in IP routing

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Routing Protocol: Introduction
  2. Module 1: Introducing IS-IS
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 1 History and Context
  3. Module 2: Finding the Shortest Path
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 2 Finding the Shortest Path
    3. Lesson 3 Equal Cost Multipath
    4. Lesson 4 SPF in Pseudocode
  4. Module 3: Addressing Discovery
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 5 The Structure of an OSI Address
    3. Lesson 6 OSI Addresses in Real Life
    4. Lesson 7 Packet Formats
  5. Module 4: Database Synchronization
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 8 Neighbor Discovery
    3. Lesson 9 Flooding
    4. Lesson 10 Multiaccess Links
    5. Lesson 11 Full Mesh
  6. Module 5: Routing IP
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 12 Routing IP
    3. Lesson 13 Reviewing the Shortest Path
    4. Lesson 14 Building the Routing Table
    5. Lesson 15 Basic IS-IS in the Lab
  7. Module 6: Optimization Flooding Domains
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 16 Optimizing IS-IS Operation
    3. Lesson 17 Introducing Flooding Domains
    4. Lesson 18 Flooding Domain Operation
  8. Module 7: Connecting Flooding Domains
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 19 Connecting Level 1 to Level 2
    3. Lesson 20 Connecting Level 2 to Level 1
    4. Lesson 21 Flooding Domains Lab
    5. Lesson 22 Attached Bit and Route Leaking Lab
    6. Lesson 23 Flooding Domain Deployment Considerations
  9. Module 8: Metrics
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 24 Metrics and Preferences
    3. Lesson 25 Deploying IS-IS Metrics
    4. Lesson 26 Metrics Deployment Considerations
  10. Module 9: Review
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 27 Review of IS-IS Basic Operation
  11. Module 10: Security
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 28 Security Vulnerabilities
    3. Lesson 29 Security Posture and Solutions
  12. Module 11: Multitopology
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 30 Multitopology IS-IS
    3. Lesson 31 Multitopology in the Lab
  13. Module 12: Fast Convergence
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 32 Optimizing IS-IS Convergence
    3. Lesson 33 Loop-Free Alternates
    4. Lesson 34 Ordered FIB
    5. Lesson 35 Remote Loop-Free Alternate
    6. Lesson 36 IS-IS Interaction with BGP
    7. Lesson 37 Fast Convergence Considerations
  14. Module 13: Redistribution
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 38 Controlling Distribution
  15. Module 14: Useful show Commands
    1. Learning objectives
    2. Lesson 39 Useful show Commands
  16. Summary
    1. Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Routing Protocol: Summary

Product information

  • Title: Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Routing Protocol
  • Author(s): Russ White
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 0134465296