CHAPTER 1Introduction

Cary L. Cooper

Lancaster University, UK

James Campbell Quick

The University of Texas at Arlington, USAand

Marc J. Schabracq

Human Factor Development, The Netherlands


Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1996 through 2003 when the revised edition was published, there were dramatic changes in the world as a context for business organizations. There have continued to be such changes since 2003. In Section 1.2 we explore the context of work and health psychology, with an eye to the past, attention to the present, and a focus on the future. Time is an increasingly necessary dimension in the world of work. Learning from the past while being anchored in the present is important for a positive, healthy dose of reality. However, the future is the stuff of imagination and dreams, which are every bit as vital to psychological health and the advancement of work activities. We believe that healthy, productive people and companies are ones that know where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. So much for the context of time for the moment!

As editors, we continue to be proud of and happy with this third edition of the Handbook, celebrating 13 years of life and vitality. The Handbook has changed yet again in this third edition, as well it should. It has been updated with the latest research findings by those on the cutting edge of the science, and yes the practice, of work and health psychology. We have ...

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