Writing the HTML code

We will start by writing the HTML code for our HTML JavaScript client. You may use a computer other than the Raspberry Pi:

  1. Create a project folder on your computer and call it HTML JavaScript Client
  2. Copy the Paho JavaScript library from Chapter 17Building the JavaScript Client, into the project folder
  3. Using your favorite HTML editor, create a file called index.html and save it inside the folder you created in step 1
  4. Type the following into index.html and save it again:
<html>    <head>        <title>T.A.R.A.S Robot Car Control</title>        <script src="paho.javascript-1.0.3/paho-mqtt.js"                         type="text/javascript"></script>                <script src="scripts/index.js"                                type='text/javascript'></script>                     <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/styles.css"> ...

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