According to a prominent cybersecurity expert, if a single tiny electromagnetic actuator
is brought close to the speed sensors of the ABS wheel, then it is possible to spoof the speed
of the wheel sensors through injection of a magnetic field. This file can take place of the orig-
inal signal. It is important to note that the mounted attacks are noninvasive; hence there is
no need to modify the ABS hardware. This also makes it more dicult for the mechanisms
of intrusion detection to find the presence of a spoofing attack. According to experiments,
if carried out correctly, this attack can ultimately take control from the driver and cause an
How Does IP Spoofing Work?
IP spoofing is the use of IP (internet protocol) packets that are used to have a changed source
address to disguise the sender’s identity. This is done to masquerade as another system. Such a
technique is utilized by cybercriminals to initiate DDoS attacks against IoT devices.
Networked devices send and receive internet protocol packets in order to communicate
with each other, it is how the internet works. These packets consist of a header and a body. The
former stores routing information for instance what the source address is. Usually, the source
IP address in a packet is the party who sends the packet. When spoofing is applied to the packet,
this address can be changed.
In layman terms, consider that IP spoofing is similar to how a cybercriminal can send
a package to a victim and modify the return address. When the victim gets the package and
tries to block those sent packages, then they cannot stop it because the fake return address
can always be changed. Moreover, in case the receiver plans to reply with a package, then their
response will not reach the intended sender.
DDoS attacks use spoofing to bombard a target with a huge influx of internet trac; the
source’s identity is masked through an operation which makes it hard to mitigate. When the
source internet protocol address gets modified and is constantly randomized, then it is quite
hard to stop the virus-aided requests. According to cybersecurity and law enforcement agen-
cies experts, it is hard for them to track down hackers who use IP spoofing. Sometimes spoofing
is applied so only the replies by the cybercriminals are provided to the victim’s device.
How to avoid IP Spoofing attack?
Flash Question
Dierent types of cameras are used in the IoT ecosystem for a wide range of purposes. For
example, they are used in security solutions to thwart o burglars and robbers from residential
and commercial properties. Similarly, some retail businesses use it to manage their inventory
while governments are using them for the management of “smart cities” for instance to monitor
trac jams and reduce trac congestion. However, these cameras are often targeted specifically
by the cybercriminals to proceed with their nefarious mechanisms. Here are some examples of
how they are hacked in the first place.
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