Frequently Asked Questions

Q— If my IBGP peers are not directly connected, do I have to use EBGP multihop?

A— No. There is no restriction on IBGP peers to be connected. EBGP multihop is for EBGP only.

Q— Should I inject my BGP routes into the IGP for synchronization to take effect?

A— No. Injecting the BGP into your IGP is not recommended. You should turn the BGP synchronization off. Make sure that this will not result in reachability problems inside your AS.

Q— Will listing my IGP routes via the network command rather than redistributing the IGP into BGP give my BGP routes more stability?

A— No. In both methods, the fluctuation of your IGP routes will translate into fluctuation in your BGP routes. The network command only gives you better ...

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