The objective of ISA 810 is to outline the auditor’s responsibility on determining:

a. Whether it is acceptable to accept appointment to report on summary financial statements [ISA810.3(a)].

b. Where the auditor accepts appointment to report on summary financial statements:

i. to form an opinion on the summary financial statements based on the evaluation of conclusions drawn from the evidence obtained [ISA810.3(b)]; and

ii. to express clearly that opinion through a written report that also describes the basis for that opinion [ISA810.3(c)].

ISA810, at paragraph 4 contains the following definitions relevant to this ISA:

Applied Criteria

The criteria applied by management in the preparation of the summary financial statements.


Audited Financial Statements

Financial statements audited by the auditor in accordance with ISAs, and from which the summary financial statements are derived.


Summary Financial Statements

Historical financial information that is derived from financial statements but that contains less detail than the financial statements, while still providing a structured representation consistent with that provided by the financial statements of the entity’s economic resources or obligations at a point in time or the changes therein for a period of time. Different jurisdictions may use different terminology to describe such historical financial information. ...

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