Introducing Charticulator for Power BI: Design Vibrant and Customized Visual Representations of Data

Book description

Create stunning and complex visualizations using the amazing Charticulator custom visuals in Power BI. 

Charticulator offers users immense power to generate visuals and graphics. To a beginner, there are myriad settings and options that can be combined in what feels like an unlimited number of combinations, giving it the unfair label, “the DAX of the charting world”. This is not true.

This book is your start-to-finish guide to using Charticulator, a custom visualization software that Microsoft integrated into Power BI Desktop so that Power BI users can create incredibly powerful, customized charts and graphs. You will learn the concepts that underpin the software, journeying through every building block of chart design, enabling you to combine these parts to create spectacular visuals that represent the story of your data.

Unlike other custom Power BI visuals, Charticulator runs in a separate application window within Power BI with its own interface and requires a different set of interactions and associated knowledge. This book covers the ins and outs of all of them.

What You Will Learn
  • Generate inspirational and technically competent visuals with no programming or other specialist technical knowledge
  • Create charts that are not restricted to conventional chart types such as bar, line, or pie
  • Limit the use of diverse Power BI custom visuals to one Charticulator custom visual
  • Alleviate frustrations with the limitations of default chart types in Power BI, such as being able to plot data on only one categorical axis
  • Use a much richer set of options to compare different sets of data
  • Re-use your favorite or most often used chart designs with Charticulator templates

Who This Book Is For

The average Power BI user. It assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the reader other than being able to open Power BI desktop, import data, and create a simple Power BI visual. User experiences may vary, from people attending a Power BI training course to those with varying skills and abilities, from SQL developers and advanced Excel users to people with limited data analysis experience and technical skills.

Product information

  • Title: Introducing Charticulator for Power BI: Design Vibrant and Customized Visual Representations of Data
  • Author(s): Alison Box
  • Release date: March 2022
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484280768