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Introducing Final Cut Pro X Learn by Video

Video Description

This innovative product uses interactive video to give viewers an overview of the features in Final Cut Pro X, which Apple has redesigned from the ground up. Final Cut Pro X should be much more accessible to “pro-sumer” videographers, many of whom shoot video with their digital SLR cameras. This video is geared to this new audience, taking them through the fundamentals of video editing, as well as how to get going quickly with Final Cut Pro X, which still is an advanced, pro-level application. Experienced instructor Joseph Linaschke presents up to four hours of high-quality HD video, complete with lesson files to practice freshly gained knowledge. The videos include a downloadable booklet that provides supplemental material to enhance the video training.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X
    1. Final Cut Pro X in Action, Part 1 00:10:38
    2. Final Cut Pro X in Action, Part 2 00:09:15
    3. Exploring the Interface and Features of Final Cut Pro X 00:09:13
  2. Import Options
    1. Importing Assets 00:01:31
    2. Import Control- Organizing, Transcoding, and More 00:04:25
  3. Keywording and Favorites
    1. Marking Favorites and Rejects 00:02:26
    2. Adding Keywords and Using Keyword Collections and Smart Collections 00:03:12
  4. Editing and Navigation
    1. Selecting Clips and Adding Them to the Timeline 00:03:56
    2. Editing Tools- Select, Trim, Position, Range, and Blade 00:03:29
    3. Controlling the Appearance of the Timeline 00:01:52
    4. Markers and To-Dos 00:02:49
    5. Play Options 00:01:06
  5. Transitions, Titles, and Backgrounds
    1. Transitions 00:02:23
    2. Shifting the Timeline 00:02:56
    3. Customizing an Advanced Transition 00:02:22
    4. Titles 00:07:00
    5. Backgrounds and Generators 00:04:07
  6. Color
    1. Color Correction with Auto Balance and Match Color 00:02:56
    2. The Color Board 00:06:08
    3. Presets 00:02:30
  7. Music, Sound, and Audio Editing
    1. The Music and Sounds Browser 00:06:46
    2. Audio Enhancement Tools and EQ 00:08:09
  8. Still Photos
    1. Accessing Photos from Your iPhoto or Aperture Library 00:05:26
    2. Color Adjustments 00:01:55
  9. Advanced Features
    1. The Precision Editor 00:05:02
    2. Transform, Cropping, and Distortion Tools 00:03:25
    3. Duplicating a Project 00:01:51
    4. Keyframing Effects 00:03:40
    5. Image Stabilization 00:02:51
    6. Synchronizing Clips 00:03:03
    7. Compounding Clips 00:01:31
    8. Auditions 00:04:26
    9. The Video Effects Browser 00:04:22
  10. Sharing
    1. Sharing Online or to Devices 00:03:35
    2. Bonus- Behind the Scenes 00:04:41