Adding Line Features to a Shapefile by Using the Editing Facility in ArcMap
ArcGIS Desktop contains a rather extensive editing facility. To use it, you must add the Editor toolbar to ArcMap.
____ 7. Use Customize > Toolbars to get the Editor toolbar onto the ArcMap window if it isn’t there already. Park it where you want it—but be sure it is horizontal. It consists of two main portions: (A) tools along the toolbar itself, and (B) a drop-down menu which contains commands to the Editor or options for the user. The section (b) becomes quite extensive. For example, Snapping leads to (1) a snapping toolbar and Options, which leads to a Snapping Options window which leads to a Text symbol window which leads to a Symbol Selector window and a Style references window which leads to a Create New Style window – I could go on but I’m sure you will be happier if I don’t. The point is that the editing facility is quite extensive and its abilities are found in a hierarchical tree. Staying with just the top levels of “A” above, list in your Fast Facts File the menu items you see on the drop-down menu.
(A) Done? Yes ___ No ___
____ 8. Click Editor > Start Editing. Ignore the warning about different coordinate systems. Continue. List in your Fast Facts file the tools that are revealed when you when you mouse over the icons on the Editor toolbar.
(B) Done? Yes ___ No ___
A Create Features window may appear on the right side of your ArcMap window. If it does, dismiss it. Then restore it by ...

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