Selecting by Location
In what follows you will examine some of the interesting and useful ways ArcMap has of selecting features by their locations.
____ 23. From
add the feature class Soils to the map. Make the symbol color of soils Light Apple green. Make sure the Soils entry appears above the Landcover entry in the T/C.
add the feature class Roads. Using the Symbol Selector window, represent the roads as Highway under Symbology, reached by double clicking the entry name. The Highway symbol will show up as red, but change the width to 2. Make sure it appears at the top of the T/C.
____ 24. Choose Selection > Select By Location. Read the text at the top of the box. Under Selection method you have four choices. List the contents of the drop-down text box to fix the possibilities in your mind. ___________________, ___________________, ___________________, ___________________
For the Selection method, choose “select features from”. In the text box “Target layer(s)” put a check by Roads. In the Source layer text box choose Soils. For the Spatial selection method, choose from the drop-down menu “Target layer(s) features are completely within the source layer feature”. If you were expressing this in English you would say: “I want to select all features from the layer Roads that are completely within the boundaries of any polygon ...

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