With all this preparation, you may have forgotten the goal of this exercise: to determine the population that resides within 3 miles of Galbraith School Road. Now that everything is in place, we can use Select by Attribute to select ‘Galbraith School’ road. Then, we can use Select by Location to find the census blocks that are within 3 miles.
____ 34. To simplify things, remove Roads and Blocks&Pop if you added them (not the newly created TN_SP layers) from the T/C. From the Selection menu pick Select By Attributes. As you did before, select Galbraith School. Label the roads features. Zoom in and use the measure tool to determine how long the road is, to two decimal places. ________miles.
____ 35. From the Selection menu pick Select By Location. We want to select features from Blocks&Pop_TN_SP (the Target layer) that are within a distance of the selected features of Roads_TN_SP, applying a buffer of 3.0 Miles to the selected roads features. Click Apply. Close the Select By Location window and zoom to selected features in the Blocks&Pop_TN_SP layer.
____ 36. Open the Blocks&Pop_TN_SP table. How many records were selected? ________ out of _________. Run Statistics on the P001001 column. Double-check that the number of records you are calculating from (Count) is the number selected. What is the population in the selected census blocks? ________ Close the table.
Since the population is well over the 25,000 that the banker required, we are elated. So we invite her over ...

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