Viewing 3-D Data with Animation
____ 20. Call for a new, Blank Scene file. Add as data COLE_TIN. From
add Boat_SP83_elevated.shp.
In the T/C, double-click COLE_TIN to bring up the Properties window. Click the Symbology tab, and then click the Add button beneath the Show box. You will see an Add Renderer window. Add “Face elevation with graduated color ramp” and then press the Dismiss button in the Add renderer window. In the Layer Properties Show box, make sure that the Elevation symbology is at the top, and uncheck any other symbology type that may have shown up.
We will be performing several complex operations on the data. Navigating and other operations have to be applied to every feature and every pixel, which takes CPU horsepower and time. In general, you want only to display in the T/C the data sets in ArcScene that you need.
____ 21. Boat_SP83_elevated.shp is the GPS track with which you are familiar, but converted to a polyline ZM (3d) shapefile. Zoom to the layer, and note that there is a high altitude portion (2000 feet actually) and then it descends rather sharply to an altitude of 640 feet, which puts it 100 feet above the river (which you may or may not remember has a normal pool elevation of 540 feet). Make the symbol for the elevated GPS track: a red line, size 2.
To set the background color, right-click Scene layers at the top of the T/C. Click Scene Properties. Under the General tab, choose a deep blue as the background ...

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