A Potpourri of Types of Geographic Data
The data exist in two folders:
You will explore a dozen or so data sets.8 Look over the following. The terminology won’t mean much to you at this point, but as you add these data sets to the map you can refer back to this list for more detailed information.
  • A personal geodatabase (PGDB) named Kentucky_River_Area_Data containing two PGDB feature datasets: Quadrangle_Data and Country_Streams, described here:
    • Quadrangle_Data contains three vector-based PGDB feature classes:
      • The soil types in the part of Fayette County that is covered by the Coletown quadrangle: cole_soil_polygon.
      • Geologic (surface rock) data in the Coletown triangle: cole_rock_polygon.
      • A vector (line) PGDB feature class of the elevation contour lines for the COLE quadrangle: cole_contours_line.
    • County_Streams contains two vector (line) PGDB feature classes that have been derived from TIGER/Line files:
      • The streams of Fayette County, Kentucky: Fay_Tiger.
      • The streams of Madison County, Kentucky: Mad_Tiger.
  • A line shapefile containing a few features digitized from the Coletown, Kentucky Triangle: cole_vctr.shp.
  • A line coverage containing a few features digitized from the Ford, Kentucky quadrangle: FORD_VCTR.
  • A coverage with both arc attribute table (AAT) and a polygon attribute table (PAT), showing the Kentucky counties and county boundaries—that is, both the areas of the counties (polygons) and the lines that separate ...

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