Chapter 10. Running on a Device

In this chapter, you will learn how to run your newly developed apps on a device. You will also walk through how to create certificates, register your device for testing, and set up your App IDs and provisioning profiles. This chapter will combine the lecture and the exercise section; be sure to have Xcode open as you read.

Testing your apps on your own iOS device requires a registered Apple Developer account. A registered Apple Developer account is also required to release your app to the App Store. The Apple Developer Program provides developers with early release access to new versions of iOS and OSX. Registered Apple Developers are eligible to review sessions from WWDC. WWDC is Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference held every year in San Francisco. WWDC is used as a launching point for new Apple products and software. Apple Developers receive their own private telephone support number. Registering as an Apple Developer costs $99 per year. This is the best investment you can make toward learning to develop apps.


The rest of the content inside this book will require an Apple Developer Program account. You can sign up at

If you are a college student, Apple provides a free Apple Developer Program called iOS Developer University Program. More details can be found at

Your Apple Developer Program account can be registered to your legal name or your legal business ...

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