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Jose Dieguez Castro, Introducing Linux Distros, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1392-6_6

6. Debian

Jose Dieguez Castro

(1)A Coruña, Spain

Debian is not only one of the most famous, charismatic, and oldest Linux distribution, it is also the perfect example of an independent and community-driven distro. There is a saying among Linux users, “If all other distros disappear, we’ll always have Debian.” It is the favorite distro of many system administrators, developers, and users, and this is not just due to its long life; it’s also because Debian’s community, philosophy, and management make it a unique distro. Its “genealogy tree” is the biggest one of all the distros. Debian is the parent of many distros. In fact, almost half of the currently ...

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