Chapter 6. Digital Sculpting, Part II

Continuing from the preceding chapter, you will now move on to modeling a very simple human base mesh in Maya and making slight modifications for it to be a female. Then you will create UVs for the model by using Headus UVLayout. After this point, you will have a simple human-form base mesh that you can easily pose. You will then pose the base mesh with the new posing toolset in Mudbox 2011. Finally, you will subdivide the model and sculpt it.

This chapter includes the following topics:

  • Modeling the base mesh in Maya

  • Laying out the UVs in UVLayout

  • Posing the base mesh

  • Sculpting the model

  • Sculpt using a vector displacement map

Modeling the Base Mesh in Maya

In this section, you will build a very simple human base mesh ...

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