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Introducing Silverlight 1.1

Book Description

In this Short Cut, we'll take a close look at Silverlight 1.1 and bring clarity to this bleeding-edge technology. First we'll take a broad look at the new concept of Rich Internet Applications and how Silverlight fits into that picture. Then we'll examine how you work with Silverlight 1.1, highlighting tools, concepts, and code that you will need to build these interactive applications. Finally, we'll take a practical look at using Silverlight 1.1 to build a custom control, pulling all of the concepts and tools together.

Join ASP.NET Master and Telerik Chief Technical Evangelist Todd Anglin and the Telerik Team as they guide you to understanding Silverlight 1.1.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Silverlight 1.1
    1. Introducing Silverlight 1.1
    2. Understanding Silverlight 1.1
      1. A Short History of Silverlight
      2. Comparing Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight 1.1
      3. Comparing Silverlight 1.1 and WPF
    3. What Is Silverlight 1.1?
    4. An Overview of Rich Internet Applications
      1. Benefits of Rich Internet Applications
      2. Shortcomings of Rich Internet Applications
      3. RIA Technologies
    5. Working with Silverlight 1.1
      1. Tools
        1. Tools for Designers: Microsoft Expression Blend
          1. Workspace
            1. Workspace Areas
          2. Objects
            1. Drawing
            2. Appearance
            3. Brushes
          3. Modifying and Transforming Objects
          4. Animation
        2. Tools for Developers: Visual Studio 2008
          1. Integration of Visual Studio 2008 projects with Blend
      2. Silverlight Design Model
        1. Shapes
        2. Brushes
        3. Transformations
        4. Text, Image, and Media
        5. Animations
      3. Silverlight 1.1 Development Model
        1. Hosting Silverlight in HTML
        2. The Basics of a Silverlight 1.1 Project
        3. Silverlight Objects
          1. Accessing elements and setting properties
          2. Create new element programmatically
          3. Controlling animations and MediaElements
        4. Layouts
        5. Event Model
        6. HTML Integration (DOM, Silverlight, JavaScript)
          1. Accessing DOM from managed code
          2. Accessing managed code from DOM
        7. Integration with ASP.NET AJAX Futures
        8. Silverlight 1.1 and WebServices
          1. Using ASMX Web Services
          2. Using POX (Plain Old XML) web service
          3. Solving the cross-domain problem
          4. Using the Astoria project for data access
        9. LINQ and Silverlight
        10. Silverlight 1.1 Downloader object
    6. Building Applications with Silverlight 1.1
      1. Custom Silverlight 1.1 Button Control
      2. Building a Silverlight Upload Control
    7. Conclusions
    8. Resources
      1. Links
      2. Blogs
      3. Special Thanks
    9. About the Author