Introduction to Adobe Audition CS6 Learn by Video Safari

Video description

This innovative product is a focused video workshop that will teach editors how to create, edit, and enhance audio for broadcast, film, and video, using Adobe Audition CS6. You will be introduced to the Audition interface and standard workflows so that you can find your way around the software and carry out your audio work quickly and easily. You will learn how to import and manage files, analyze audio files, create and edit multi-track sessions, integrate your sound files with the Adobe Creative Suite, and much more! Experienced instructor Maxim Jago presents three hours of high-quality video tutorials, complete with project files so viewers can practice what they have learned.

Table of contents

  1. Introducing Adobe Audition CS6
    1. Meeting Adobe Audition 00:07:44
    2. The Core Audition Interface Elements 00:11:42
    3. The Tools 00:07:31
  2. Importing and Managing Media Files
    1. Importing Audio Files and Browsing Media 00:07:49
    2. Extracting Audio from a CD 00:02:07
    3. Importing Video Files 00:04:43
    4. Importing XML Files 00:02:31
  3. Working with Sound Files
    1. Comparing Waveforms and the Spectral Display 00:08:40
    2. Adjusting Audio Level and Using the Clipboard 00:08:01
    3. Adding Special Effects to a File 00:06:23
    4. Using the Effects Rack to Combine Effects 00:09:48
    5. Using Effects to Clean Up Your Audio 00:07:09
    6. Using the Spectral Frequency Display to Clean Up Your Audio 00:06:11
    7. Automatic Pitch Correction 00:05:48
    8. Using the Paintbrush Selection Tool 00:04:49
    9. The Doppler Shifter Effect 00:04:46
  4. Introduction to Multitrack Sessions
    1. Creating a Multitrack Session 00:09:33
    2. Getting to Know the Multitrack Editor Interface Elements 00:10:34
    3. Adding Audio Clips to a Multitrack Session 00:05:16
    4. Meeting the Mixer 00:12:39
    5. Using Multitrack Session Templates 00:09:18
    6. The Channel Map Editor 00:05:04
    7. VST Plug-Ins 00:05:04
  5. Multitrack Editing
    1. Comparing Track-Based and Clip-Based Effects 00:06:49
    2. Track-Based Routing, Level, and Panning 00:07:34
    3. Adjusting Levels and Panning over Time with Envelopes 00:09:48
    4. Matching Audio Level on Multitrack Clips 00:07:23
    5. Clip Grouping and Time Stretching 00:07:44
    6. Burning a Music CD 00:05:24
  6. Integration with the Creative Suite
    1. Sending a Sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition 00:07:03
    2. Saving Your Multitrack Session to Different Formats 00:08:19
    3. Sending Your Multitrack Session to Premiere Pro 00:03:26
    4. OMF and XML Export 00:07:37

Product information

  • Title: Introduction to Adobe Audition CS6 Learn by Video Safari
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133358623