Editor Board

The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Multimedia Information and Systems

Series Editor, Edward A. Fox, Virginia Polytechnic University

Introduction to Data Compression, Third Edition

Khalid Sayood

Understanding Digital Libraries, Second Edition

Michael Lesk

Bioinformatics: Managing Scientific Data

Zoe Lacroix and Terence Critchlow

How to Build a Digital Library

Ian H. Witten and David Bainbridge

Digital Watermarking

Ingemar J. Cox, Matthew L. Miller, and Jeffrey A. Bloom

Readings in Multimedia Computing and Networking

Edited by Kevin Jeffay and HongJiang Zhang

Introduction to Data Compression, Second Edition

Khalid Sayood

Multimedia Servers: Applications, Environments, and Design

Dinkar Sitaram and Asit Dan

Managing Gigabytes: Compressing ...

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