Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons

Video description

Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons provides technical professionals with a relatively brief, high-level overview of information security concepts, including the fundamental steps needed to secure a system, the types of threats and vulnerabilities they may encounter, and what steps can and should be taken to mitigate those threats and vulnerabilities.


Information security directly impacts virtually every type of business. While related issues appear in the media more and more, it’s typically in a fragmented fashion that really doesn’t help give the people tasked with protecting organizational data and other assets a “big picture” view of what the real threats and vulnerabilities are, or what steps should be taken to mitigate them. In this video training, Scott offers a relatively brief, coherent high-level overview of the various types of threats and what steps can and should be taken in response.

About the Instructor

Scott Aurnou is the Vice-President of SOHO Solutions, a NY-based IT consulting and managed services firm, where he focuses on security and privacy-related issues. Scott uses his combined legal, business, and technical background to help organizations identify and address technology-related risk and market exposure and regularly teaches non-technical executives and professionals about information security and related issues in language they can understand. Scott is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional and Certified Information Privacy Technologist and has authored numerous articles relating to privacy and security.

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
What You Will Learn
  • A fundamental understanding of information security threats and vulnerabilities
  • The basic steps taken to protect a network
  • Mistakes people make and how to counter them
  • A fundamental understanding of the non-technical aspects of securing a network
  • The basics of reacting to a security incident
Who Should Take This Course
  • Technical professionals with non-security backgrounds who have been assigned security responsibilities.
  • Any professionals, executives, etc. with fundamental technical knowledge who wish to get a basic, high-level overview of security issues in a relatively brief format
Course Requirements
  • Basic understanding of computers, mobile devices, and related technological concepts
  • Familiarity with basic networking and server technology
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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons: Introduction 00:03:10
  2. Lesson 1: Understanding Basic Security
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:53
    2. 1.1 Understand security basics 00:28:42
    3. 1.2 Comprehend why all tech personnel need a basic understanding of security 00:06:17
    4. 1.3 Appreciate the importance of explaining security to non-tech personnel 00:04:25
  3. Lesson 2: Creating a Secure Environment—First Steps
    1. Learning Objectives 00:01:05
    2. 2.1 Appreciate the essential need for leadership buy-in 00:06:01
    3. 2.2 Understand risk assessments 00:04:12
    4. 2.3 Understand policies and plans 00:10:28
    5. 2.4 Understand the importance of cyber liability insurance 00:03:27
    6. 2.5 Appreciate the necessity of security awareness training 00:10:49
    7. 2.6 Identify information security best practices 00:12:10
  4. Lesson 3: Securing Your Firm’s Network
    1. Learning Objectives 00:01:21
    2. 3.1 Recognize primary threats to the network 00:29:30
    3. 3.2 Identify the basic steps to mitigate network threats 00:19:30
    4. 3.3 Understand perimeter defenses 00:14:05
    5. 3.4 Understand network monitoring and related issues 00:17:02
    6. 3.5 Understand encryption 00:16:32
    7. 3.6 Physically secure network assets 00:14:29
    8. 3.7 Use the cloud securely 00:10:02
    9. 3.8 Understand vulnerability assessments and pentesting 00:04:44
    10. 3.9 Securely dispose of network data and resources 00:09:37
  5. Lesson 4: Consider an Easier Way to Gain a Foothold on a Network—Hacking the Humans Who Use It
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:55
    2. 4.1 Understand social engineering and its effects 00:24:22
    3. 4.2 Utilize strong passwords and authentication methods 00:18:08
    4. 4.3 Understand the risks that come with using the Web 00:22:05
    5. 4.4 Recognize insider threats 00:12:50
  6. Lesson 5: Mitigating Client-Side Threats (Desktops and Laptops)
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:50
    2. 5.1 Address endpoint security 00:16:48
    3. 5.2 Recognize and mitigate threats related to remote access 00:12:26
    4. 5.3 Identify and address client-side physical security issues 00:09:51
  7. Lesson 6: Protecting Mobile Devices
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:50
    2. 6.1 Identify threats specific to mobile devices 00:21:13
    3. 6.2 Recognize the risks associated with BYOD programs 00:08:15
    4. 6.3 Properly dispose of mobile devices and data 00:02:52
  8. Lesson 7: Reacting when Something Goes Wrong
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:52
    2. 7.1 Determine what happened 00:03:25
    3. 7.2 Institute business continuity/disaster recovery plans 00:07:39
    4. 7.3 Respond to a successful attack 00:15:49
  9. Summary
    1. Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons: Summary 00:01:11

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  • Title: Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2015
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 0134135822