Introduction to Java 8

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This unique video course goes beyond the usual introductory classes for people just learning how to program. Instead, Introduction to Java is geared toward people in (or about to enter) the tech industry who want to enhance their careers by learning Java’s commercial application.People attracted to this course include:

  • Helen is an Oracle DBA who writes procedural code in PL/SQL, but wants to understand more of the full stack, eyeing a potential move out of the banking sector.
  • Manesh is a university graduate with knowledge of Java, but has no commercial experience, nor any exposure to modern software engineering practices.
  • Thomas is a Javascript programmer whose experience has been limited to building simple websites. Concepts such as namespaces and IDEs are unfamiliar to him.
  • Nuala, a customer services lead for a major cloud provider, is interested in programming to change the trajectory of her career. She builds simple scripts in Python, but is ready for more.
Over the course of five hours, Introduction to Java will help you learn:
  • Environment set up: IDEs and basic command line tools
  • Basic anatomy of Java code: classes, member variables, methods, and packages
  • The lifecycle of a Java program, including compiling and running
  • Overview of high-level concepts: class files, security concepts, and classloading
  • Variables, values, introduction to static typing, primitives, and references
  • Flow control and other keywords
  • Working with data, including strings and math
  • Working with arrays, collections, lists, and maps
  • Basic Object-Orientation in Java
  • The Java type system: interfaces, enums, and annotations
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  • Title: Introduction to Java 8
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491907788