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Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms EV3: Robotics Projects

Video Description

Create and build fun and engaging robot projects with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. In this video, you’ll start by designing and naming your projects. Then give them life by connecting and controlling them for wire free movement with Bluetooth. Try out easy challenges, such as getting your robot to move the length of a yardstick then come back. 

Discover the basics of programming by teaching your robot to make sounds and display images. Incorporate sensors so that your robot can interact with and react to the world around it. And incorporate loops with the ultrasonic sensor to program a robot that can autonomously move around a space forever. 

With this video, you'll discover all the basic tools and skills needed to create awesome robotics projects using LEGO Mindstorms. 

What You Will Learn 
  • Connect your robot to a computer using Bluetooth or a wired connection 
  • Move your robot with rotations, time, speed, and direction 
  • Program your robot to make sounds and display images 
  • Incorporate sensors so that your robot can discover the world around it

Who This Video Is For
Students, hobbyists, and instructors interested in using LEGO Mindstorms to learn programming and robotics.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:00:52
  2. Connecting To Your Robot 00:04:28
  3. Naming Your File 00:01:43
  4. Getting Your Robot to Move 00:05:07
  5. Challenge #1 00:02:54
  6. Third Motor 00:02:31
  7. Outputs 00:09:19
  8. Sensors 00:02:05
  9. Loops and Wait Blocks 00:04:12
  10. Touch Sensor 00:06:05
  11. Challenge #2 00:03:15
  12. Project Organization 00:01:11
  13. Switch Block 00:06:46
  14. Line Follower 00:09:16
  15. Challenge #3 00:00:43