Introduction to MongoDB

Video description

This video introduces you to MongoDB (a document database) and MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB's database-as-a-service for the cloud). You'll learn how MongoDB differs from other databases, the programming languages it works with, how data is modeled, and how you access MongoDB data. Then you'll explore MongoDB Atlas, its benefits (e.g., how it enables fast time-to-market app deployments), and the tools it provides to view data, perform backups, alerts, and real-time performance metrics. You'll learn how to deploy a cluster, connect to it, and write documents you can manipulate with your own applications. After viewing this tutorial, you'll know how to install the client locally, whitelist your IP, and start building your own rich applications without incurring the operational overhead associated with database administration. Participants should download the MongoDB client and utilities, MongoDB Atlas, and MongoDB Compass before starting the course.

  • Master the differences between MongoDB and relational databases
  • Learn MongoDB 's document database structure and how it stores data without rigid schemas
  • Understand how to write data to and access data from MongoDB
  • Explore the MongoDB Atlas cloud service
  • Learn how to deploy MongoDB Atlas to AWS, Azure, and Google Compute
  • Gain hands-on experience building a free cluster with MongoDB Atlas

Jay Gordon is a Developer Advocate at MongoDB, focused on providing users with a great experience with Cloud products. He joined MongoDB in 2016 after many years working as a System Administrator and DevOps professional. Prior to MongoDB, he was part of the teams that leveraged large MongoDB deployments for companies such as BuzzFeed.

Product information

  • Title: Introduction to MongoDB
  • Author(s): Jay Gordon
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492027058