Appendix A

Conversion between MKS and Gaussian System

Physical QuantitySymbolRationalized mksGaussian
Lengthl1 meter (m)102 centimeters (cm)
Massm1 kilogram (kg)103 grams (g)
Timet1 second (s)1 second (s)
ForceF1 newton105 dynes
WorkWicon1 joule107 ergs
PowerP1 watt107 erg/s
Chargeq1 coulomb (coul)3 × 109 statcoulombs
Charge densityρ1 coul/m33 × 103 statcoul/cm3
CurrentI1 ampere (coul/s)3 × 109 statamperes
Current densityJ1 amp/m23 × 105 statamp/cm2
Electric fieldE1 volt/m13×104image statvolt/cm
PotentialΦ, V1 volt1300 statvolt
PolarizationP1 coul/m23 × 10 ...

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