Enum types

Before describing the enum type, let's look at one of the use cases as the motivation for having such a type. Let's assume we would like to create a class that describes TheBlows family:

public class TheBlows {  private String name, relation, hobby = "biking";  private int age;  public TheBlows(String name, String relation, int age) {    this.name = name;    this.relation = relation;    this.age = age;  }  public String getName() { return name; }   public String getRelation() { return relation; }  public int getAge() { return age; }  public String getHobby() { return hobby; }  public void setHobby(String hobby) { this.hobby = hobby; }}

We have set the default hobby as biking and will allow to change it later, but other properties have to be set ...

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