Appendix A. Supporting information 475
Installation default RPTSTG(OFF)
Installation default NORTEREUS
Installation default RTLS(OFF)
Installation default NOSIMVRD
Installation default STACK(131072,131072,BELOW,KEEP,524288,131072)
Installation default STORAGE(NONE,NONE,NONE,8192)
Installation default TERMTHDACT(TRACE,,96)
Installation default NOTEST(ALL,"*","PROMPT","INSPPREF")
Installation default THREADHEAP(4096,4096,ANYWHERE,KEEP)
Installation default
Installation default TRACE(OFF,4096,DUMP,LE=0)
Installation default TRAP(ON,SPIE)
Installation default UPSI(00000000)
Installation default NOUSRHDLR(,)
Installation default VCTRSAVE(OFF)
Installation default VERSION()
Installation default XPLINK(OFF)
Installation default XUFLOW(AUTO)
Convert multiple sequential files to members of a PDS
Example A-5 depicts the REXX code that you can use (or modify for your use) to
collect multiple sequential files and copy the contents into members of a PDS.
Example: A-5 Sequential files to members of a PDS
/* Rexx */
/* Exec: Seq2PDS1 */
/* Function: Create PDS members from multiple sequential files... */
/* History: 08/07/1997 - LMK - Created */
/* 07/17/2001 - LMK - Modified for RedBook samples... */
/* Note: Data set/member name pattern is hardcoded - modify as needed!*/
Parse Upper Arg Debug DbugMode
Invoke debugging features when asked...
Attention: This code was written for
Introduction to the IBM Problem
Determination Tools
, SG24-6296-00. The member name must appear as a
qualifier in the data set name for this routine to work.
476 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
If Debug = ‘DEBUG’ Then Do
If DbugMode = ‘’ Then Do
DbugMode = ‘R’
Interpret Trace DbugMode
Establish the environment and variables to be used...
Address IspExec
‘Control Errors Return’
DSLevel = ‘APPL.X.*.MASTER’ /* Change for your site */
PDSFile = ‘TEST.LISTINGS.MASTER’ /* Change for your site */
Get a data set list like ISPF 3.4...
“LMDInit ListID(DataID) Level(“DSLevel”)”
intLCode = RC
Do While intLCode = 0
“LMDList ListID(“DataID”) Option(List)” ,
“DataSet(Datavar) Stats(Yes)”
intLCode = RC
If intLCode = 0 Then Do
If ZDLDSORG = ‘PS’ Then Do /* Change for your site */
Parse var Datavar null1 ‘X.’ MbrName ‘.MASTER’ .
Say ‘Processing ‘MbrName
Address TSO ,
Alloc Fi(ReadIn)”,
“Da(‘”Datavar”’) Shr Reu
intRCode = RC
Address MVS ,
ExecIO * DiskR Readin (Stem DataLine. Open Finis”
intRCode = RC
Address TSO ,
Alloc Fi(OutMembr) “,
“Da(‘”PDSFile”(“MbrName”)’) Old Reu”
intRCode = RC
Address MVS ,
ExecIO “DataLine.0” DiskW “,
“OutMembr (Stem DataLine. Open Finis
intRCode = RC
Address TSO ,
Free Fi(OutMembr) “
intRCode = RC
Address TSO ,
Free Fi(ReadIn)”
intRCode = RC

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