Chapter 2. Introducing File Manager 73
V), as shown in Figure 2-29, or the combination of files and volumes (blanks), as
shown in Figure 2-30.
Figure 2-29 List of volumes for SMS* using VTOC
You can select one volume here to have the list of the files it contains. If you want
to have the list for all volumes, go back to the Display VTOC panel and enter a
generic name in the Data Set Name field.
Figure 2-30 List of * files for SMS00* using VTOC
74 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
This is a different view from the DSLIST display of File Manager Utilities, as
shown in Figure 2-31, or from the ISPF DSLIST Volume view, as shown in
Figure 2-32.
Figure 2-31 File Manager DSLIST
ISPF DSLIST is usually nicknamed 3.4.
Figure 2-32 ISPF DSLIST, Volume
Chapter 2. Introducing File Manager 75
Back to the File Manager Display VTOC file list, you can enter commands
regarding a file. To get the list of the available commands, refer to the on line
help. Figure 2-33 presents the result of the EXTENTS command.
Figure 2-33 Pop up window for the EXTENTS command
Restriction: We cannot get the extensions information for a PDS/E because
File Manager is not APF authorized under ISPF (Figure 2-34.)
76 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
Figure 2-34 File Manager is not APF authorized under ISPF
2.6.4 Get information about a load module
This function was already available partly with the latest maintenance of Version
It may be useful to get some information about an existing load module. Use
Option 3 (Utilities) then Option 10 (Loadlib) to get to the panel shown in
Figure 2-35.
Chapter 2. Introducing File Manager 77
Figure 2-35 Select the load module file
You can specify the module name on the panel or select in the list.
For the module, you get the components, their size, and the compiler used, as
shown in Figure 2-36.
Figure 2-36 Load module information
This function was added by a PTF in Version 2.

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