410 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
Example 13-15 Successful output of TRADERB following program changes
CUSTOMER : RB_DEMO 10/01/2002
Glass_and_Luget_plc 120 19.00 2,280.00
IBM 2400 163.00 391,200.00
Veck_Transport 1350 36.00 48,600.00
13.4 Summary of scenario 2
In this chapter we described the various components that make up the batch
environment in our system and how they are set up.
We reviewed:
򐂰 Processing performed by the batch Trader application
򐂰 A process which used Debug Tool in batch mode to identify a possible
problem in the application
򐂰 Described Debug Tools capability in foreground mode to pinpoint an error to
allow it to be corrected.

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