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Investing Crash Course in Commodities, An: Understanding the Markets, the Exchanges, and the Mechanics of the Trade

Video Description

In 8 easy to follow and understand video lessons, expert trader Carley Garner demystifies commodities trading, helping you to improve your trading skills fast!Garner explains futures markets, contracts, long versus short, delivery, arbitrage, cost-to-carry, offsetting and rollover trades, spreads, costs, and more. Learn powerful trading techniques at yourpace...get specific solutions when youneed them!

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Carley Garneris Senior Market Analyst and Broker with DeCarley Trading and a columnist for Stocks & Commodities. The author of A Trader’s First Book on Commoditiesand Commodity Options, she writes two popular e-newsletters, The Stock Index Reportand The Bond Bulletin. Garner has been quoted in media ranging from Reuters to Investor’s Business Dailyand The Wall Street Journal. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas.