Investing Demystified, 2nd Edition

Book description

Don’t spend your time worrying whether you can beat the markets: you don’t need to beat them to be a successful investor. By showing you how to build a simple and rational portfolio and tailor it to your specific needs, Investing Demystified will help you generate superior returns.
With his straightforward and jargon-free advice, Lars Kroijer simplies the often complex world of finance and tells you everything you need to know – and everything that you don’t need to worry about – in order to make the most from your investments.
In Investing Demystified you will:
• Discover the mix of stocks, bonds and cash needed for a top performing portfolio
• Learn why the most broadly diversified and simplest portfolio makes the most sense
• Understand the right level of risk for you and how this affects your investments
• Find out why a low cost approach will yield benefits whilst leaving you with a higher quality portfolio
• Understand the implications of tax and liquidity

Product information

  • Title: Investing Demystified, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Lars Kroijer
  • Release date: June 2017
  • Publisher(s): FT Publishing International
  • ISBN: 9781292156149