Chapter 16

Selecting Investing Resources Wisely

In This Chapter

arrow Overcoming information and advice overload

arrow Evaluating investing resources

arrow Deciphering online information and guru claims

In the past, sifting through financial information was much simpler, mainly because the available resources were limited. Today’s investor faces information overload. Radio, television, magazines, newspapers, books, the Internet, family, friends, neighbors, and cabdrivers — everywhere you turn, someone is offering investing opinions, tips, and advice. You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine or turn on the television or radio without bumping into articles, stories, segments, and entire programs devoted to investment issues. Blogs on the topic continue to sprout like weeds during the dog days of summer.

Because investment information and advice is so widespread and constantly growing, knowing how to sift through it is just as important as hearing what the best resources are today. When chosen wisely, the best investing resources can further your investment knowledge and enable you to make better decisions. Throughout this book, I name the best investment resources that I’m familiar with, but in this ...

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