Chapter 14

Saving Up for Your Retirement

In This Chapter

arrow Realising your own role in your pension planning

arrow Understanding pension-investment basics

arrow Looking at state pensions, employee pensions, auto-enrolment and SIPPs

arrow Examining the link between age and investment strategy

arrow Exploring the lifestyle option

Your pension is almost certainly the most important investment you’ll ever make. It may not be worth as much as your home, if you own it, but the decision making could last all your working life and beyond – and is more complex than buying a roof over your head. Pensions never used to be like that. Once, you could count on the state, and often an employer, to shoulder the burden of providing an income when you stop working. These days, you’re effectively left on your own with plans where the buck stops with individual holders and their decisions.

In this chapter, I look at strategies that enable you, as a pension buyer, to achieve the best possible retirement income – without taking ...

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