Praise for Investing in Islamic Funds

“When you start reading this impressive book you know instantly what Islamic finance is all about: It’s a different approach to banking and finance where profit is important but not overriding. For a westerner like myself it means: Forget about long-nurtured prejudices and be open to new ideas, which perhaps are not even that new because you can find them in both the Qur’an and the Bible (and in the Torah for that matter). It is one of the many virtues of Dr. Kamso’s book to explain to the investor who looks for a real alternative to conventional investments that Islamic Funds are one such alternative.”

—Dr. Rüdiger Litten LL.M., Rechtsanwalt, Partner, Norton Rose LLP

“Islamic asset managers have long faced the challenge of delivering a like-for-like return to that achieved by their counterparts in conventional asset management. The lack of adequate availability of all asset classes and Shariah restrictions on investment in many classes are cited as reasons for the lackluster performance of Islamic asset managers. Drawing on her remarkable experience of switching from conventional asset management to exclusively Islamic asset management, Noripah Kamso sets out to challenge this received wisdom in the industry. Noripah Kamso and her coauthors show convincingly that for managing the equity class, in particular, there is certainly no Shariah penalty. Indeed, recent evidence tends to show consistent outperformance by Shariah-screened funds. ...

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