Promoters of investment schemes often talk about “the opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, you've probably heard someone say, “If you do not buy now, if you pass up what I'm offering, you'll miss the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Property investing differs. Property investing provides you an opportunity for a lifetime. Market timing matters, but building a storehouse of knowledge, abilities, and entrepreneurial talents matters more. As you gain experience, as you find your bearings, as you develop your market wisdom, you will consistently find—and, even better—create new opportunities. You will see that the deal of a lifetime actually comes along at least once a month—if you remain alert and educated enough to recognize it.

Throughout this book, I have illustrated multiple types of investment possibilities and explained how and why these multiple possibilities can yield multiple sources of wealth-building potential. The economists, financial planners, and assorted media commentators who think that to accurately compare property to stocks, one simply compares the relative gains in price between these two asset classes err egregiously. Fortunately for you and me, their error reduces our competition. And that error especially helps now.


Although property investing does not require market timing, market timing heightens the potential for scoring great deals. By great deal, I not only refer to good price and good property ...

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