Chapter 19. Online Investors' Ten Most Common Questions

In This Chapter

  • Discovering answers to burning online investing questions

  • Incorporating options and commodities trading in your portfolio

If you're new to online investing, your mind might be overflowing with questions before you ever click the Buy or Sell button on your online brokerage's Web site. And even if you're an experienced investor, you might question whether you're doing everything you can to maximize your success and profit.

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this chapter, those pesky questions lingering in the back of your head will be answered. I have a pretty good idea of the questions online investors have because thousands of readers e-mail me to ask everything they want to know about investing. By answering those questions in my Ask Matt column at, I've noticed some of the same questions keep popping up. The most common question from investors by far is "How much money do I need, and how do I get started investing online?" You can find the answer to that Number 1 question in Chapter 1. But this chapter tackles many of the other burning questions you might have.

How Do I Find Out Which Companies Are Going to "Split" Their Stock?

It's almost like clockwork. Shortly after beginning investors get started investing online, they start wondering about stock splits. Stock splits are appealing to investors interested in buying a stock because they bring the per-share price down. And beginning investors ...

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