Chapter 1

Introducing Investment Banking

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what investment banking is

arrow Recognizing the critical role investment banking plays in the capital formation process

arrow Discovering how investment banking compares with traditional banking

arrow Finding out how investment banking operations make their money

arrow Looking at the different types of investment banks and what they do

If you're like most people, when you hear the term investment bank, one of a few things may cross your mind. Your eyes may glaze over as you think about mind-numbingly detailed financial statements and valuation metrics. Yawn. Or, you may think of exciting high-stakes financial maneuvers, like those out of the movie Wall Street, where well-dressed bankers treat companies like Monopoly squares to be dispassionately bought and sold.

But maybe you're attracted to investment banking by the mental gymnastics required and the promise of big bonuses and riches to those who are in the know. And that may be why ...

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