Chapter 6

Finding the Data: Documents and Reports

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering how to use the Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database

arrow Putting financial data into a format that can be analyzed

arrow Keeping in touch with news and other important non-financial data

Investment bankers make a business out of knowing other companies’ business. Part of being a dealmaker requires a deep knowledge of what companies are up to, what their CEOs are trying to accomplish, and what goals organizations have.

But investment bankers can't afford to sit in their high-priced skyscrapers and wait for CEOs to call them, looking to do a deal. Investment bankers need to be proactive, scanning the world for mergers that would make sense, divestitures that would save companies money, or financial instruments that don't yet exist, but could.

Part of this role of investment banking requires investment bankers to have a good grasp of the financial and non-financial information about the corporate world. It doesn't take much guesswork to know which companies need to grow to keep their shareholders happy, which ones could drive profit higher with a well-designed merger, or even which private companies ...

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