Chapter 21

Ten (Or So) of the Best Online Resources for Investment Bankers

In This Chapter

arrow Finding online resources for investment bankers

arrow Understanding the roles of professional systems and websites

arrow Locating government statistics important to financial markets

arrow Tracking down important financial information

Let's face it. Investment bankers are armed with some of the best technology and financial tools available on the planet. Traders, underwriters, and investment bankers of all sorts are likely to have access to some high-powered information system on their desk. Just about any banker's desk would be bare without a Bloomberg or Reuters terminal, or access to professional online services like S&P Capital IQ.

But here's the rub: These high-end professional services are priced well beyond the means of the curious, regular investor who wants to peer into the world of investment banking. That doesn't mean all the information that investment bankers use is locked up behind the walls of premium priced services, though.

Investors who are curious about the data that matter most to investment ...

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