How to do it...

The following are the instructions:

  1. Create a new SliderAnimation app using the blank template, as follows, and go to the SliderAnimation folder:
$ ionic start SliderAnimation blank
$ cd SliderAnimation
  1. Open the ./src/pages/home/home.html file and modify its content using the following code:
<ion-content class="home">  <div class="slides-float">    <div class="slide-float" #slidefloat1>      <ion-icon name="ios-ionic"></ion-icon>      <h1>Ionic</h1>    </div>    <div class="slide-float" #slidefloat2>      <ion-icon name="logo-angular"></ion-icon>      <h1>Angular</h1>    </div>    <div class="slide-float" #slidefloat3>      <ion-icon name="logo-javascript"></ion-icon>      <h1>Both</h1>    </div>  </div>  <ion-slides #myslides pager (ionSlideDrag)="onMove()"> <ion-slide> ...

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