Chapter 5

Creating the RoadTrip User Interface

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing how storyboards work

arrow Working in the Utility area

arrow Understanding and adding navigation controllers

arrow Using Interface Builder to add objects to your storyboard

If you’ve read the preceding chapters, you have the foundation for understanding the tools you need to build an app, with particular focus on the example app developed in this book. Now you’re ready to find out how to add a user interface to your app via the storyboard.

In this chapter, I show you how to add items to the TestDriveController’s view using both Interface Builder and the user interface objects available to you in the Library pane in the Utility area. You first add these items to your iPad storyboard and then add similar items to your iPhone storyboard.

Creating Your User Interface in the iPad Storyboard

In the Project navigator, select the MainStoryboard_iPad.storyboard file and you’ll see several view controllers in the Document Outline (Split View Controller, Master View Controller, and Detail View Controller). Each view controller in a storyboard ...

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