Chapter 8

It’s (Finally) Time to Code

In This Chapter

arrow Determining Internet availability

arrow Changing the appearance of controls

arrow Using the debugger

arrow Using breakpoints to examine runtime behavior

Yes, it’s finally time to start coding, although this chapter doesn’t get you going on the RoadTrip app functionality itself yet (the example app developed in this book). In this chapter, I show you some code you have to include to make sure that your app isn’t rejected out of hand by Apple.

Next, you’ll spruce up the Main view by customizing how controls appear, and finally, I give you an introduction to your new friend, the debugger. While some of you out there (but not me) may code perfectly, most developers make some mistakes as they develop an application. Fortunately, the debugger in Xcode starts helping you right from the start — so you want to understand how to use it as soon as you start coding.

Checking for Network Availability

One of the easiest ways to get your app rejected by Apple is to fail to make sure that you have an Internet connection when your app needs it, and therefore fail ...

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