Chapter 15

How’s the Weather? Working with Web Views

In This Chapter

arrow Having your application actually deliver content

arrow Displaying a web page

arrow Understanding the ins and outs of Web views

arrow Encountering some interesting runtime errors

Getting the framework (no pun intended) in place for a new app is certainly a crucial part of the development process, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s only the spadework that prepares the way for the really cool stuff. After all is said and done, you still need to add the content that the users see or interact with. Content (and functionality) is, after all, the reason they will buy the application.

Now that you have created the storyboard scenes by specifying the view controllers and have spiffed up the Master View controller, it’s time to make those new view controllers earn their keep. As I’ve explained more than once, view controllers are the key elements here. They’re the ones that get the content from the Trip model object and send it to the view to display. In this chapter, you create a view controller that lets the Weather view know where ...

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