Chapter 19

Finding a Location

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up and implementing the Find controller

arrow Finding map coordinates from an address

arrow Displaying the found location on the map

arrow Using blocks in your own code

It’s pretty useful when traveling to be able to enter a location and have that display on a map. Although you can do that in many of the map applications currently available, it does take you out of the app you are in. What’s more, you can’t take that information and then do something with it in your own app, such as display it with all your other annotations.

As I explain in the previous chapter, geocoding allows you to take an address and turn it into a map coordinate. This enables you to add a feature to RoadTrip that allows the user to enter an address, or even just the name of a well-known landmark, and display it on the map. (Reverse geocoding, demonstrated in the previous chapter, allows you to take a map coordinate — your current location, for example — and turn it into an address.) In this chapter, you find out how to enter a location (an address or point of interest) ...

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