Chapter 22

Ten Ways to Be a Happy Developer

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out how not to paint yourself into a corner

arrow Keeping it simple

arrow Having fun

arrow Avoiding “There’s no way to get there from here”

Think of all the things you know you’re supposed to do but don’t because you think they’ll never catch up with you. Not that many people probably enjoy balancing the checkbook or cleaning out gutters, and after all, not flossing won’t cause you problems until your teeth fall out years from now (right?).

But in iOS app development, those mañana gotchas will catch up with you early and often, so I want to tell you about what I’ve learned to pay attention to from the very start in app development, as well as give you a few tips and tricks that lead to happy and healthy users.

Keep Things Loosely Coupled

A loosely coupled system is one in which each of its components has little or no knowledge (or makes no use of any knowledge it may have) of other components. And because loose coupling refers to the degree of direct knowledge that one class has of another, it’s not about encapsulation or to one ...

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