chapter seventeen

Back to the Storyboard: Enhancing the Interface

Your Development of the Party Planner app began in Chapter 5, “Walking Through the iPhone Storyboard” as you explored and then enhanced the storyboard in the Master-Detail Application template. Storyboards appeared for the first time in iOS 5; in iOS 6 they were dramatically refined and enhanced. Along the way, the engineers at Apple also implemented new features and concepts such as container views (they existed all along, but the explicit concept and the details of which container view class can appear in another container view class arrived in iOS 5).

After an overview of the Xcode templates, this chapter shows you how to work with the template interface elements to add buttons and other controls. These elements allow you to implement additional functionality in the Party Planner app.

Cleaning Up Some Loose Ends

In Chapters 15, “Telling Users the News: Alerts and NSError,” and 16, “Getting Input from Users: Alerts and Action Sheets,” you experimented with user interaction tools and techniques. To continue on with the Party Planner app, start from a copy of the version of Party Planner that you created (or downloaded) at the end of Chapter 14, “Editing Table Views.” Test it to make certain that it works as it did then. You’ll be adding some new features and functionality in this chapter, so make certain you’re starting from a known app.

Setting Up New Objects

There are a few changes you may want to make at this ...

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