Apple has a history of alternating its releases between being user-focused and developer-focused. iOS 6 is mostly about users. There’s a totally new map interface with turn-by-turn driving directions. Social networks permeate the interface. Pass Kit opens up whole new ways to integrate the iPhone with daily life. The Siri enhancements make the iPhone 4S even more compelling. Expect users to upgrade quickly.

That’s great news, because iOS 6 is an exciting release for developers, too. So many things have gotten so much easier. It’s easier to lay out your UI with collection views and auto layout. UIKit has added rich text support. When your apps go into the background, state preservation makes it easy to keep track of where you were. Many things that were hard or tedious just became a lot simpler.

If you’re ready to take on the newest Apple release and push your application to the limits, this book will get you there.

Who This Book Is For

This is not an introductory book. Many other books out there cover Objective-C and will walk you step by step through Interface Builder. However, this book assumes that you have a little experience with iOS. Maybe you’re self-taught, or maybe you’ve taken a class. You’ve hopefully written at least most of an application, even if you haven’t submitted it yet. If you’re ready to move beyond the basics, to learn the best practices and the secrets that the authors have gleaned from practical experience writing real applications, then this ...

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