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iOS 7 in Action

Book Description


iOS 7 in Action is a detailed, hands-on guide that teaches you how to create amazing native iOS apps. You'll dive into key topics by exploring thoroughly explained real-world code examples you can expand and reuse. Learn about Collection Views, Storyboarding, Twitter & Facebook Integration, Passbook, Airplay, and much more. If you're already creating iOS apps, you'll learn how to capitalize on the newest iOS features.

About the Book

To develop great apps you need a deep knowledge of iOS. You also need a finely tuned sense of what motivates 500 million loyal iPhone and iPad users. iOS 7 introduces many new visual changes, as well as better multitasking, dynamic motion effects, and much more. This book helps you use those features in apps that will delight your users.

iOS 7 in Action is a hands-on guide that teaches you to create amazing native iOS apps. In it, you’ll explore thoroughly explained examples that you can expand and reuse. If this is your first foray into mobile development, you’ll get the skills you need to go from idea to app store. If you’re already creating iOS apps, you’ll pick up new techniques to hone your craft, and learn how to capitalize on new iOS 7 features.

This book assumes you’re familiar with a language like C, C++, or Java. Prior experience with Objective-C and iOS is helpful.

What’s Inside

  • Native iOS 7 design and development

  • Learn Core Data, AirPlay, Motion Effects, and more

  • Create real-world apps using each core topic

  • Use and create your own custom views

  • Introduction and overview of Objective-C

  • About the Authors

    Brendan Lim is a Y Combinator alum, the cofounder of Kicksend, and the author of MacRuby in Action. Martin Conte Mac Donell, aka fz, is a veteran of several startups and an avid open source contributor.